NFL and NBA Dreams

The Odds That Your Kid Becomes A Professional Athlete is 0.05% if they play high school sports. I asked 400 boys from across the city of Chicago to raise there hands if they wanted to be in the NFL or NBA. More than 3/4 of them raised their hands to share this was their dreams as a professional career. My son has the same dreams.

I told them to work hard at pursuing those dreams but shared the reality of those dreams are hard because in the NFL and NBA there are only 304 positions drafted each year. Here are the numbers combined in the USA:

High school players: 1.6M

College players: 87k

Draftees: 304

I talked to them about having a plan B. I told them Plan B will still need to be executed regardless because their sports career will probably be less than a decade if they were fortunate to be selected among the 304 draftees. I challenged the adults to find paid internships for these kids to expand their thinking about other opportunities in the marketplace. Our kids need to be exposed to more than football and basketball.