Sunday Reflection

Every day, we have a choice about what we are going to read and what we are going to believe! Yes, belief is a choice. Choices are shaped by thoughts, and thoughts are shaped by what you hear and see. That’s why scripture says, that we are to “take captive every thought” and make sure that it is honorable.

It’s like sorting through your news feed; there are messages and posts that are positive and some that are divisive and negative. You can either open those messages or hit DELETE. I have learned to delete posts or ignore messages that are negative and poisonous to the spirit.  Have you ever opened up an email that had a virus attached to it? The same can happen with our thoughts. If we entertain the wrong thought, it can contaminate our perspective and get us off course in life. At the same time, it is important to read messages of love, hope and encouragement.

You might have to clean out negative messages so that the right messages don’t get lost in the clutter! Every morning, hit delete or ignore those posta that say: “Our community doesn’t have what it takes.” Delete! “Our community will never resolve these systematic issues.” Delete! “This person leading this effort is a……” Delete! “Our kids are fighting in public settings and they can’t learn.” Delete! “Allowing others to attempt to assassinate the characters of others.” Delete!

Then, open and meditate on messages of LOVE: “Our community shall overcome.” Share! “We have what it takes to make our community a better place!” Share! “We are fully equipped and anointed for victory!” Share! “Our kids are thriving and achieving.” Celebrate and Share! “We love our neighbors and together we build each other up.” Share!

As you meditate on this post, hit DELETE on those negative, self-defeating thoughts; your faith will become stronger, and your hope will be renewed. It won’t be long before our community moves forward to solving some of our greatest challenges. But it has to come from a place of LOVE and compassion!

This is an insert of my message today regarding “Loving One Another” through the lens of leadership and advocacy at Covenant Presbyterian Church.  #hope #unity #together #notapart